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external data provider twitter connector

This module allows you to make a mount point in your Jahia DX in order to search your data from the twitter api using the Twitter4J library.
Use this module as a tutorial or guide to do your own implementation. This module has been developed inspired in part by the code of Quentin MONMERT's (Strava external data provider).  For this reason, we would like to thank him.

Dependencies & Dependants

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Changelog 1.0

This version, provide to create a mount point and display the data from some twitter account via TWITTER4J API.


Q: What is this module for?
A: This module uses the External Data Provider from Jahia, to retrieve data from twitter via TWITTER4J API. It was conceived as an example, since we found that there are few documentation about EDP on the web. We tried to make the module as simple as possible, so you can understand how it works and build one of your own. You can download the source code from our github repo:

Q:Where we can find another, more complex example?
A:Here is a list of other implementations using the EDP on the web:

Strava provider (Quentin Monmer)
Explanation (in french)

Jdbc Database Provider(Garber-inc)

TMDB provider (Quentin Monmer)

How To Install


  • Digital Factory
  • DF Module - External data provider V3.0.1
  • Twitter app credentials
  • Important: to use this module you must create yourself a twitter app.
    You will find the instructions to create a twitter app here here


  • After install the module, you need to create a new twitter app.
  • Install the Twitter External Data Provider.
  • Create a new "Twitter Mount Point" with name without blank spaces.