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twitter social connector

This is the custom module (Twitter API Connector) for running on a Jahia DX server.

Dependencies & Dependants

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Changelog 1.0

This version, provide search/display user profile from the Twitter API.


Q. This module uses the Twitter API or is just an embeddable standard twitter widget?
A. No. This module uses Twitter4J   which is an unofficial Java library for the Twitter API. That means you can easily extend the module using all the functions and methods from the Twitter API. The sky is the limit.
Q. Are the components responsive?
A. Yes. The search and the user components  were made with responsive CSS. But you can change the look and feel of those components, and change the display of the widgets.
Q. Is there any API rate limits?
A. Yes. Twitter limits the number of request per app. You can find more information here
Q. I'm not a developer, how can I create a Twitter APP?
A. In order to use this module you need to create an App and grab the tokens and keys to use that app from the module. You can check this post written by Ian Anderson Gray to learn how to create and register a Twitter App. 
You can contact me to cmonzon@garber-inc if you have any more questions.

How To Install

MINIMAL REQUIREMENTS Digital Factory SETTINGS You need  to create a Twitter app
Grab from the application settings:
o    Consumer key
o    Consumer Secret
o    Access Token
o    Access Token Secret
Once the module has been installed, go to Site settings/Twitter API Connector and enter the settings. Click the save button. If the connection is successful an information message will appear.