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Whenever a front-end user of a Jahia-powered web site performs a search on some specific keywords, the Jahia Search engine returns a list of results that are not necessarily relevant to the user in that order.

Moreover, the owner of the web site may want to highlight some specific pages from the site whenever the user performs a certain search (for example : show a page called “Forum” at the top of the search results whenever the user types “forum” in the search engine.)

Due to the lack of a better content ranking system at the core of Jahia Search (for instance, having a customizable relevance ranking field for each content), there is a short-term need for a solution that allows site managers to force the display of certain pages at the top of a user’s search results.

Purpose of the Search Highlights

The Search Highlight complements the default Search Results displayed to a front-end user by displaying and highlighting one or more specific pages at the top (for example) of the results list. An analogy can be made here with Google’s sponsored content.

In some cases, the site manager may want to display more than one page at the top. For example, a user’s “forum” query could highlight two pages, one called “Forum” and another one called “Forum FAQ” at the top of the results.

Also, in a similar way to Google’s approach, for each highlighted page, a custom title and description can be added for each one of the suggested pages for better user-friendliness.

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