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This module implements Jahia integration with MailChimp, a popular email delivery service.
The module makes it easy for website content editors to control, manage and automate MailChimp subscribers lists and mailing campaigns.

Key features:
  • Jahia site users/subscribers integration with MailChimp lists;
  • MailChimp Subscribe Component for easy user subscription/unsubscription;
  • site content as MailChimp Template usage;
  • basic statistics for the site integrated lists and campaigns;
  • Campaign sets to automate mailing workflow.
Documentation detailing the installation and configuration process is available here
MailChimp® is a registered trademark of The Rocket Science Group.
Jahia is a registered trademark of Jahia Solutions Group SA.

Dependencies & Dependants

  • NONE


Q: Do I need a MaiChimp account to Use this module?
A: Yes, you need MailChimp account to work with this module. If You don`t have one, please visit http://mailchimp.com/ to register.

Q: What is MailChimp API key and where I can find it?
A: API stands for application programming interface. It can be helpful to think of the API as a way for different apps to talk to one another.
To obtain MailChimp API key, please follow the instructions at http://kb.mailchimp.com/integrations/api-integrations/about-api-keys.

Q: Where I can learn more about MailChimp Campaigns and templates?
A: To learn more about MailCimp features, options and settings, please visit MailChimp Knowledge Base - http://kb.mailchimp.com/

How To Install

  1. Switch to Administration mode.
  2. Choose Server settings tab and select System Components/Modules to see the list of installed and available Jahia modules.
  3. In Available module tab choose Jahia Mailchimp Integration Module and then press “Download”.
  4. Once installed, JMCIM should be deployed on the specific site. Go to Web projects on the Server configuration tab in the Administration mode.Then select a site to work with.
  5. On the next screen (Site Edit Screen) press "Choose modules to be deployed" button.
  6. And Select Jahia Mailcimp Integration Module. Now The module is deployed to your site.
  7. Module must be configured in Site Administration Section.