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The Jahia kompyte module provides an integration between your Digital Experience sites and your associated Kompyte Account. After setting up your Kompyte credentials, You will be able to access the Kompyte Dashboard directly from your Jahia DX Site settings panel.

Dependencies & Dependants

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What is Kompyte?

Kompyte alerts you whenever your competitors :

  • Update their website
  • Post new content on their blog
  • Change their Google Adwords ads
  • Post in their social profiles

and more... Now, you will know in real time!

You can also analyze your competitors one by one and see how they are performing against you. And, last but not least, Kompyte will suggest new competitors to track who are using the same keywords than you so you know who is breaking into your space.

More information on http://www.kompyte.com/


What is this module for ?

  • Provide an integration with Kompyte.
  • Save Kompyte credential in Digital Experience Manager
  • Auto login to kompyte to ease user access to Kompyte dashboard

How To Install

Kompyte Site Settings panel

The Kompyte Site settings panel contains two pages, one with a form to save or delete your credentials, the other directly displays the Kompyte Dashboard using your saved credentials.

Kompyte credentials form

This form allows you to save the needed information about your Kompyte associated account. In this form you will have to enter your Kompyte User ID and Direct Login ID. Those credentials will be generated for you with your Digital Factory Licence.

If those information are correct, you will be redirected to the dashboard page.