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Get vector icons and social logos on your website with Font Awesome, the web’s most popular icon set and toolkit.

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Changelog 6.1.5

  • Change color + size of the png files used in the choicelist
  • Put the icon property on first position for the Display icon component



What is the embedded version?

This module for Jahia 8 embeds the version 5.15.2 of Font Awesome

How To Install

To use Font Awesome in a Jahia project, you just need to call the asset from your views using this line:

<template:addResources type="css" resources="all.min.css"/>

or use the demo component to display an icon.

or simply add the mixin famix:faIcon into your project to generate a list of icons.

This version allows getting the prefix (fab|far|fas) from an icon using a function. If you want to use this feature, you will will need to add a Maven dependency to the module:


If you still use Jahia7

Then declare the taglib and use the fa:getPrefix function
<%@ taglib prefix="fa" uri="" %>

This will return fas because the icon ban is located in the solid font (fas).

Update from an old FontAwesome 4 project?

For old web projects using FontAwesome 4.x, or if you don't plan to make a full upgrade of FontAwesome on all your existing modules, then you can simply add the component "Version 4 Shim" anywhere on your page. It will provide backward compatibility with version 4 without changing anything else.

<template:addResources type="css" resources="all.min.css"/>
<template:addResources type="css" resources="v4-shims.min.css"/>
Note that you also could use the old font-awesome.css resource, but it's deprecated.