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Get vector icons and social logos on your website with Font Awesome, the web’s most popular icon set and toolkit.

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Changelog 4.7.1

Minor fixe


What is the embedded version?

This module embeds the version 4.7.0 of Font Awesome

How To Install

You can use the demo component to display an icon or simply add the mixin famix:faIcon into your project to generate a list of icons.

Simply call the Font Awesome 4 assets from your views using this line:

<template:addResources type="css" resources="font-awesome.css"/>

Are you looking for the new version 5 of Font Awesome?

You can try the DX module Font Awesome 5 using the release available at (download the jar from GitHub then deploy it from the DX administration).

Warning for Form Factory users: version 5 of FontAwesome is not fully compliant with version 2.1.5 (and previous) of Form factory (Known issues are that the rating input is not working from the core package).

To use version 5, call the assets from your views using this two lines:

<template:addResources type="css" resources="all.min.css"/>
<template:addResources type="css" resources="v4-shims.min.css"/>

For old web projects using FontAwesome 4.x, or if you don't plan to make a full upgrade of FontAwesome on all your existing modules, then you can simply add the component "Version 4 Shim" anywhere on your page. It will provide backward compatibility with version 4 without changing anything else.

This version allows getting the prefix (fab|far|fas) from an icon using a function. First, you will need to add a Maven dependency to your module


Then declare the taglib and use the fa:getPrefix function

<%@ taglib prefix="fa" uri="" %>

This will return fas because the icon ban is located in the solid font (fas).