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This is a module for collecting data about Jahia customer environments.

Those data will be used: 

 - to give a better context to our support engineers when a ticket is open by our customers,

 - to help our product managers to prioritize the developments based on our customers OS, Database, and other technical layers brands and versions.

All these data are kept in each customer individual Jira Projects.

Each time your environments evolves: new OS, Database, and other technical layers brands and versions, you can upload the zip produced by this module to a support ticket to keep our support engineers and product managers up to date.

Dependencies & Dependants

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1. What does the zip contain?

All the data included in the zip are printed in the Browser when you make the request to:


2. What if I do not want to provide this information to Jahia Support?

Most of the information present is already known by our services. But this zip contains better-formated data for automated treatment. If you do not wish to share some data present in this zip you can edit it and replace sensible data with X as long as you keep the file as a valid JSON format.

3. How often should I upload this zip to Jahia Support.

Each time you update your production configuration. More accurate the information will be, easier it will be for support to understand the context of the tickets and for our product managers to focus on the rightmost used technologies.

How To Install

Install this module on the processing node of your cluster.

Request the following URL on your processing node:


Upload the produced zip file to a ticket in http://support.jahia.com